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New album Candyland was recorded in the end of the march 2015. It was recorded at Men At Sound studios in Trencin, with great sound engineer and producer Matus Homola. Now they want to find a label to release the album. There will be a documentary film about this recording, before the realease of Candyland.

In the end of 2013 they have recorded debut album and now it is finished. It is called Blueberry Wine Tales. They have released three official videos: Clouds, Melting Sun and Meridian. You can find them in Videos section. The Album was released 7.3. on release party with support of Swan Bride. Meanwhile they are working on a new album. This october they are going to support great american band called Pontiak and their friends from band called Swan Bride on their gigs.

Because their drummer Marek decided to study in Liverpool, they had to find a new one. With luck they got together with Martin Lacko (who is playing in band called Joyride as well). After signing up to Demovnica, contest of Slovak alternative Radio_FM, they won the 3rd round and got into ''Osmicka'' music chart, with their song ''Mercy''. On the 4th of June judges of Fatt Kools contest chose them to win. Genuine Jacks were chosen from more than 50 bands. The prize is recording of ''Mercy'' in one of the Slovakia's finest recording studios - Lvgnc

The Band was formed in the end of february 2012. Members are Juraj Ondrejka - guitar and vocals, Jakub Bloksa - bassguitar and Marek Mikic - drums. After few weeks of rehearsing they finished first songs and recorded 4 demos to publish. They played their first gig on 9th March in Piestany, where they were supporting czech musician called Bonus. Later they played more concerts, several times supported english indie band Sister Gracie and more. After short pause during summer, they recorded first 7 songs EP, it was released on 23th January 2013 and it is available here for free download.


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Live Shows

The Stubs + Fertile Hump
8.10., Kabinet Muz, Brno

Indie Night
8.10., Klub Mir, Uherske Hradiste


You can view our videos on YouTube by clicking on following thumbnails.

Genuine Jacks - Birdie02:07

Genuine Jacks - Meridian03:08 Genuine Jacks - Melting Sun02:14 Genuine Jacks - Clouds04:25

Genuine Jacks - Mercy03:30 Genuine Jacks - Bidding Prayer (Official video)05:05 Genuine Jacks - I Sniff Glue03:07



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