The trio has been cruising the Slovak and Czech club scene for quite some time, playing around 40 club shows a year, the stage feels for the band like home. The band have also played two of the Slovakia finest summer music festivals - Grape (2017) and Pohoda (2018) and many smaller ones. The band's raw and energetic show recently caught an attention of Derek Robertson, who have mentioned Genuine Jacks in the article about Pohoda festival 2018 in The Independent.

Genuine Jacks opened shows for bands like Ron Gallo, Stoned Jesus, Allah-Las, Pontiak, Repetitor and Jacuzzi Boys.


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Live Shows

Find more about our past live shows on Facebook or Gigmit.


You can view our videos on YouTube by clicking on following thumbnails.

Genuine Jacks - Birdie02:07 Genuine Jacks - Cats03:12

Genuine Jacks - Meridian03:08 Genuine Jacks - Melting Sun02:14 Genuine Jacks - Clouds04:25

Genuine Jacks - Mercy03:30 Genuine Jacks - Bidding Prayer (Official video)05:05 Genuine Jacks - I Sniff Glue03:07


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